An Old Bowl

My mum is a little gem, she’s always on the hunt for vintage/old things with patterns on them because she knows they will make me get butterflies! My parents own a pie and mash shop (yes homemade, handmade fresh pies, mash and jellied eels!) and there was one cupboard that was piled full of stuff to go through when they bought the shop and as usual life takes over and no one had a nosey through the cupboard, until yesterday! My mum found this gorgeous bowl, which has this stunning pattern on it, of scallops, vines, leaves and flowers and my mum saved it for me as it reminded her of my work! I felt so blessed and flattered when she gifted it to me!

I wish you could touch and feel the imperfections on the bottom of the bowl, it gives it a real handmade touch when you feel the bumps of the clay. I also love the imprint underneath which reads ENGLISH IRONSTONE ENGLAND. I would love to know where this piece was made, I’m guessing it would be somewhere local in Kent England.

I didn’t put any kind of filter on these images as, I wanted to leave them as natural as possible.


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