Letting go…of time

I’m not sure if the world has just become more fast paced or if it’s just because I’m getting older that I realise how fast time flies by, it seems like in a blink of an eye twenty four hours passes by. I remember being younger around fifteen or sixteen and I couldn’t wait to get older and do my own thing and experience life. If only I had known how lucky I had it, not worrying about anything other than getting my homework done and not getting into trouble.

In the last year or so the dreaded “T” word has been at the centre of my universe. Time has let me down time and time again, excuse the pun!

Or so I thought!

I’ve had to do a lot of soul searching to realise that it wasn’t time that had let me down, I had just become so consumed by it. I was setting myself goals of completing tasks and jobs by certain times and dates and then beating myself up about not doing them on time or not having enough time to even start them. It became such a vicious cycle, that it even prevented me from achieving the things I was achieving before the blooming time even became an issue in my life.

It’s like the more you try to control someone like your child, the more they rebel and want to break free from you. So the more I was trying to control time, the more it seemed to be rebelling against me and doing the exact opposite to what I wanted, even though I only had good intentions for my time. I was going to spend it doing good things for myself, to get jobs done to make my life easier and better.

It’s taken a lot of (here we go again with that word) time to realise this but, the moment I stopped placing so much focus and emphasis on clocking watching and just let go and went with the flow, things have started to fall into place, just simple things like waking up on time and leaving the house on time.

I’m not sure why, but time doesn’t like to be controlled, not in my life anyway.

So, if the “T” word is taking over your life just let go and go with the flow – easier said than done, I know, but just give it a try!

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