The Declaration of You – Intention

For this week’s The Declaration of You tour the topic is… “INTENTION”

How typical is it that I had every “intention” of writing this blog on the weekend but I didn’t get round to it until now! Guess that’s life! So I’m sorry if it comes across kinda rushed, I just wanted to get something out there!

For the last two posts I’ve listed a word which describes each letter of the topic so, thought I would carry the theme on for as long as I can… (most of the words and explanations I came up with kept referring around the word “new”)

IDEA – what’s the plan you want to put in motion?

NECESSARY – is what you are intending on doing important and necessary for you to do it? What is the purpose of your intention?

THINK – about what you’re putting out there, the universe tends to listen. Also is it a good intention?

EXPLORING – ways of doing things / new projects

NOTION – understanding that something needs to be changed or achieved

TECHNIQUE – different approach to your current situation

INITIATIVE – the thought to actually do something has to enter your mind in the first place, for example, you may take the initiative to make new friends, be a nicer person etc

OBJECTIVE – what’s your end goal? What are you hoping and aiming to achieve?

NEW – way of doing things or a new idea

Intentions are often ideas, tasks and projects that we put into action to better ourselves in certain areas of our lives, when we intend to do something it’s usually in a positive way for example, I may intend to go to bed early tonight so I can wake up early tomorrow or I intend to go to the gym at least 3 times this week. Intentions can be as big or as small as you want, the end goal is to achieve something new or different.

I go to bed every night with good intentions for the next day and also wake up feeling the same way in the morning, with my list of things to do but can sometimes end the day feeling deflated and annoyed at myself when I don’t end up achieving my goals. So after spending years beating myself up for not getting all my daily jobs finished, at the beginning of this year I decided to only have a few daily intentions and some long term intentions – that way I achieve my goals and end up crossing a lot of my tasks off my list(s)! Then when I achieve one of my major intentions I write it on a piece of paper and put it in a jar, which I intend to empty at the end of the year and see all my achievements and how far I’ve come during the year!


1) Walk to work

2) Eat on time

3) Tidy my bedroom

I found this picture/quote on a Facebook group which I think is really inspiring…

What are your INTENTIONS for this week?

Don’t know what to write about? Feel free to use these prompts to get you started! Or, if you’d like to take a different route, you could create a video, a painting, a comic strip, a collage… anything that relates to the topic at hand!


  • How often do you set intentions, and how do you determine what it needs to be?
  • Have you experienced something happening to you that you attribute to directly setting it as an intention?
  • Why do you feel uneasy in setting intentions?
  • How do you plan or dream about the future?
  • What’s your personal declaration around intention?


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