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This week’s subject for The Declation of You tour is “UNIQUITY”

U.N.I.Q.U.I.T.Y = YOU AND I QUIT Y? And in normal English I interpret it as “Why should we quit at being unique?” Silly I know but as I wrote the word above these were my first thoughts so I though I would share! My thoughts are UNIQUE!!!

How would I describe the word “UNIQUITY?”

UNIQUE – obviously! Express yourself in any way you like, through art, hobbies and your personal style, don’t be scared to be different!

NATURAL – don’t put pressure on yourself to be something or someone you’re not, be proud of who you are. Let everything come together naturally, obviously you have to put the hardwork in to achieve your goals but remember to be YOU when you’re on your journey – let’s face it you can’t please everyone so please yourself!

INDIVIDUAL – why be the same as everyone else?! Never be afraid to be you, if you’ve for a scar on you’re body that you’ve been hiding for years (like me) get it out and show it off! Or if you like to wear funky things that make people stop and stare then go for it! These are the things that make you YOU! Embrace everything about yourself even your imperfections!

QUALITY – sometimes people find it hard to big themselves up and find good things about themselves but everyone has great qualities, you’ve just got to have the guts to admit it to yourself, who cares if people think you’re being big headed! A bit of self love never hurt anybody! These great qualities will show in your work and your uniqueness will shine through!

UNITE – just because you’re unique it doesn’t mean you have to be alone, unite and come together with like minded people or teach others things that interest you!

IDEAS – everyone has ideas of things they like to make and create, sometimes the silliest ones are the best!

TALENT – everyone has some kind of talent, some people just haven’t found it yet (even things like cooking and cleaning are talents!) (I love to clean!)

YOURSELF – being YOU and doing what you like and think is right, can be the hardest task of all, especially when we have so many people to please these days – bosses, partners, friends, children etc but, you have to be true to yourself and who YOU are! (without being totally selfish of course!)

WOW so many exclamation marks!!!

Being unique takes guts, you have to be a strong person to not do what is typically expected from you in life. Everyone’s destiny is different and we are all on our own individual and unique journey to get there, which we will all take different paths to get to – read The Alchemist this is a great book “a magical fable about learning to listen to your heart, read the omens strewn along life’s path and, above, all follow your dreams.”

I feel that I’m quite unique as I’ve taken risks in my life, after university I didn’t go into a corporate type of job (like most of my peers) – sitting at a desk all day just wasn’t for me. I tried a few little businesses not all were successful, I made some money to get by (not a lot) but I did learn some invaluable life lessons about money and people (especially people!). After working in some more long term boring jobs I decided I couldn’t take it anymore and with the money my partner and I saved we opened an online jewellery store called Body Bling. We didn’t have any business knowledge but were willing to take the risk and learn – yes we made many mistakes but we learnt from them and have built up a successful brand and business. Everyday is scary but also exciting, if we don’t put the hard work in we won’t make money, which means we won’t get paid, which means we can’t pay our bills but, at the same time we can be ourselves and express our creativity through the work we do and it is always satisfying when customers leave us positive feedback! If you fancy adding a bit of sparkle to your life just enter APPLE10 at the Body Bling checkout for a cheeky little discount!

Going back to university to learn new skills in my late 20s in 2011 was also a unique decision I made, I felt like I needed to take my life in a new direction creatively and education seemed like the right starting point. Some people understood my decision and others didn’t but, it was something I needed to do for myself and I’m glad I did as this is where I found my love for surface pattern design and it gave me the confidence to start my own brand Apple Kaur Designs. Without my knowledge of surface design I don’t think I would ever have stumbled upon Jessica Swift’s work or The Declaration of You! Things that have happened in my life do make me think that certain things do happen for a reason and you just have to have the courage to be true to yourself – this is a unique quality in itself.

Things that make me UNIQUE / My UNIQUITY…

1) I’m left handed (and very proud of this quality!)

2) I’m a natural born worrier – and can’t snap out of it!

3) I love travelling to hot countries – Dubai, Miami and LA are my favs!

4) I always wished I had an American accent – but am very proud of my English one now!

5) I can speak Punjabi fluently – I’m so proud of being able to speak and understand a second language

6) I hate sleeping at peoples houses – I’m such a homebody

7) I love tea! Like LOVE, LOVE, LOVE tea!

8) I’m addicted to walnuts and Granny Smith apples – the crunchier the better!

9) I’m loyal – to friends, family and brands

10) I’m a good listener

11) I love eating fruit – mangoes, kiwis, blueberries, pineapples etc

12) I love going on long walks

13) I love bright and bold colours – orange, fuchsia and lime green are my favs!

14) I love watching cheesy reality tv shows

15) I have a habit of buying pretty notebooks and never using them

16) I’m the 2nd child out of 4

17) I love playing practical jokes on people

18) I love making people laugh and I love laughing

19) I have neat handwriting

20) I chew gum all time – a habit I need to break!

21) I love driving and cars – I’m a bit of a tomboy!

22) I love exercising – it just makes me feel good about myself

23) I’d be lost without music in my life – any kind but I prefer RnB

24) I’m quite superstitious

25) I have really thick hair that takes forever to dry!

These are just a handful of things that make me unique, what drives your UNIQUITY or makes you UNIQUE? (Leave a comment in the box near the date).

P.S. Don’t know what to write about? Feel free to use these prompts to get you started! Or, if you’d like to take a different route, you could create a video, a painting, a comic strip, a collage… anything that relates to the topic at hand!:

— What holds you back from flaunting your uniquity?
— How are you unique from your family, your co-workers, your best friend?
— How do you put your own unique stamp on your life?
— What’s the most unique thing about you?
— What’s your personal declaration around uniquity?

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