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It’s funny and weird how things happen in life. It was just the other day I was saying on here that I need to blog more often and then I joined “The Declaration of You”, I put it out there and the universe listened!

Jessica Swift is an idol of mine, I first came across her amazingness through social media when I became obsessed with surface pattern design about a year ago, I just love her work, style and her story. I bought her ebook Jump Trust Repeat – if you haven’t bought it, definatlety buy it, it’s really worth it! It was after reading her book that I became in awe of her and a little obsessed! And then I discovered Michelle Ward, who I also find really inspiring and now I’m on tour with them! Happy days!!!

So basically each week there’s a new topic that everyone writes about from their point of view and this week the topic is “ENTHUSIASM”.

Different people are enthusiastic about different things in life, things that make me feel all giddy inside and give me butterflies in my belly may not have the same effect on someone else and vice versa. When I was brainstorming the word “ENTHUSIASM” a few motivational words popped into my mind that I personally would use to describe each letter of the word (some words have more than one word!).


“ENTHUSIASM” brings out…

EXCITEMENT – to EXPRESS yourself and ideas

NEW – to start and NURTURE new projects

TRUST – in yourself to believe you can do it

HOBBY – to do something you enjoy

UNDERSTANDING – of your dreams and wishes

SPIRIT – to achieve your goals

INITIATIVE – to have INSPIRATION and INTEREST in pursuing a particular subject or hobby

ATTITUDE – to make great things happen

SPARKLE – being enthusiastic about something usually puts a sparkle in your eye

MANAGEMENT – time/project management and MOTIVATION to get things done to your full potential


What drives my “ENTHUSIASM?” / My Big Likes…

1) Baking cakes

2) Exercising – gym time, badminton (I’ve finally learnt to play!), bike riding and long walks

3) Shopping – especially for clothes

4) Doodling and pattern making

5) Starting new projects

6) Creating something out of nothing

7) Helping people

8) Dancing – even though I have two left feet

9) Singing – even though I sound like a cat being strangled

10) Spending time with my boo!

11) Spending time and having jokes with my homies

12) Going to the cinema

13) Exploring new places

14) Going on holiday to hot places

15) Me time (this very rarely happens!)

16) Making money

17) Being successful

18) Buying shoes that fit and are comfortable (I have big feet!)

19) Buying jeans that fit and are comfortable (I have a booty!)

20) Learning new things and skills

21) A clean and tidy living environment

22) Listening to music

23) Eating healthy and tasty food – eat good, feel good!

24) Playing detective

25) Having a full nights sleep without interruptions – e.g. loo breaks and bad dreams!

I could go on and on with this list but I think this pretty much sums it up for now! Let me know what drives your “ENTHUSIASM?” / Your Big Likes… (just click the Leave a comment link at the top near the date).


“I can’t wait to be a part of The Declaration of You’s Facebook party this Friday at 9-9:30a PST/11-11:30a CST/12-12:30p EST. We’ll be chatting in real time about TOPIC over at Hope you can join us!”


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